Do you often feel overwhelmed and lacking confidence in your
photography business?

You know that you are something special and you know that your self-doubt and lack of confidence in pricing and marketing are keeping you small.
You can practically taste the freedom and fulfillment of running your
profitable business.

You've seen others making successful, profitable and fulfilling careers out of photography and you know
you can do it too!
And you're right. 

Most photographers don't create the life, freedom and business
of their dreams.
They never get to know themselves as their fullest potential in business or in their photography.

They find themselves in the same conversation about when to "start" and end up with the same result which is
frustration, confusion and wondering what could be.

But you're not most photographers or you wouldn't be here. 

So, congratulations for being the type of person who makes
their dreams come true!

only 7% of photographers are full-time.

only 15% will make more than 100K per year.

That know exactly what you're going through and are here to support you

A Community of Like-Minded humans

So you can get your life back and work IN your biz instead of ON it

Systems and workflow

Develop a consistent feed and learn to promote paid ads online

How to leverage social media for marketing

Make ART with your dream clients who love your work

How to Attract the right clients

So that you will get paid what you're worth and feel great about it

New pricing (and the confidence to match!)

Here's what to expect:

I have distilled my 10+ years of experience being a 6 figure international full time wedding, portrait
and commercial photographer into my distinct 3 and 6 month programs.

That's why I created MY PROGRAMS

- Megan Macdonald

If you're on the fence, take this course.
You won't regret it.

This course is invaluable. The information and knowledge shared by Kelsey was infinite but more importantly, she created a group that was so inspiring to be a part of.

I couldn't wait to sit down each week and learn from Kelsey and the other amazing women who were part of the Mastermind with me.

- Janis Jean 

 I have nearly doubled my income this year over last!

Kelsey not only has a tremendous business acumen that she openly and willingly shares with those in her class, she is fun to learn from and truly cares about your road to success.  

For years I had a long list of ‘to do’s’ for my business plan and goals that I just never got to or didn’t know how to get there. Kelsey worked with me to create my plan and kept me accountable. 

Since taking her class and implementing many of the changes to my business plan, 

The best business decision
I have ever made!

- Danielle Lindenlaub

I would absolutely recommend this to any photographer looking to advance in their profession!!!

Kelsey’s mastermind program is filled
to the brim with practical, applicable business advice; as a creative who
is primarily self taught,
this was exactly what I needed
to level up!

I loved having weekly/bi-monthly assignments and check ins with Kelsey and the other members, as it really helped hold me accountable for getting the work done. 

My favourite topics covered were scheduling, workflow, pricing & marketing!! As a mentor, Kelsey is so encouraging and is always 100% forthcoming with anything photography or business related. 

These are not
online courses.
These are handheld bootcamps - an  Accountability incubator
so you will get shit done.

who is this for?

Photographers who have been full-time for years and are looking to reclaim their dream career. 
You're not burnt out. 
Your systems have let you down.

Photographers on the brink of going full-time and are scared (but ready) to declare it in 2021.

Your instructor: Me! (Kelsey Goodwin)
Award-winning, keynote-speaking, fun-loving  photographer/human.

Rush to revenue

Bi-weekly coaching and training live video calls

Private facebook group with daily coaching and accountability support

1 weekend intensive for 16 hour access to coaching and/or co-existing
to implement and get shit done! 

Bi-weekly coaching and training
live video calls

Private facebook group with daily coaching and accountability support

1 weekend intensive for 16 hour access to coaching and/or co-existing
to implement and get shit done! 

I designed this with all my best
profit-driven strategies front-loaded into a handheld 3 months! 

Rush to Revenue will pay for itself, build trust between us and
set you up nicely to take the next step into The Hatchery. 

The Hatchery Mastermind

In The Hatchery, we focus on systems to keep the momentum going and sustain your profitable business without burn out!

You won't recognize your
business in 6 months. 


Q: Do I have to know what I'm doing?
A: Absolutely not! Come exactly as you are and we'll get you sorted and empowered!

Q: If I miss the bi-monthly videos, can I still access them?
A: Yes! They will be recorded and will be made available in our private facebook group.

Q: What time zone will the live zoom calls be in?
A: Pacific Time (PST).

Q: I consider myself an 'Advanced' level photographer and business owner. Are there still things I can learn?
A: Yes - you're reading this for a reason and I assert it is because I want to step it up further. Also, this program is not only about learning new things, it is about implementation! Sometimes accountability is what's missing.